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[English Translation of the Italian text above]
Palo, Bari. 1948. A group of local people from “Palese” on Umberto I street. In the background there is a view of the old Police Station and the Macelleria (Butcher Store) owned by A. D’Achille.  The children in the background are much older. Do you recognize yourself? If so we would like to hear from you. Please contact us.



Boucherie Macelleria Bari Inc.
is a family run business, dedicated to excellent service in the meat and food service industry. With roots in Bari, Italy spanning multiple generations of Butchers, three centuries of expertise, and two continents, it is no surprise that we carry the legacy and reputation as the “Butchers of Bari”.

Founded by Marino D’Achille approximately two hundred years ago Palo Del Colle, off the Adriatic coast, Marino passed the business on to his son and from that moment the business has remained in the D’Achille legacy. In 1962, Pasquale D’Achille made his transatlantic journey to Canada and settled in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pasquale then established his business on Fleury East as Boucherie Macelleria Bari Inc., where he has continued to serve clients for the past fifty years. At the present time, his sons Angelo, Simone, Giuseppe (Joe), and daughter Angela Dora run the family enterprise.

For a half century, Boucherie Macelleria Bari Inc. has served and maintained a reputation for high quality meat products and services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of service.