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Our on-site facility offers a spectrum of specialty cut meats, as well as individual requests of any cut of meat imaginable.

We are committed to providing highest quality meat products such as beef, lamb, pork, poultry, veal and a variety of other products.

Come and pick up your favourite “Charcuterie” Cold Cut products such as Prosciutto, Capicollo, Ham, Mortadella, Salami, Smoked Turkey Breast, Soppressata, Pancetta and many more…

Select your favourite specialty Italian ingredients for that perfect meal, items such as Cheeses from Auricchio to Parmigiano Reggiano, Olive Oil, Pasta, Tomatoes, Olives, to compliment any dish.

Stop by for lunch, come order your favourite cold cuts. Come watch our experts create our famous “Barese” sausages which are a great delicacy for any occasion.

We will cut and prepare your meat(s) separately and into smaller portions depending on your special needs and specifications.

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