Breast  White meat considered the most lean cut of the bird
 Drumstick  This is dark meat and is the lower part of the leg
 Thigh  Dark meat, this is the upper part of the leg
 Wing  1) The “drumette”, shaped like a small drumstick
   2) The middle “flat” segment, containing two bones
   3) The tip, sometimes discarded. Wings are often served as a light meal or bar food
       Buffalo wings are a typical example
Exotic Cuts  
 Chicken Feet  These contain relatively little meat and are eaten mainly for the skin and cartilage
 Head  A delicacy in China, the head is split down the middle, the brains and other tissues are eaten 
 Neck  This is served in various Asian dishes
 Oysters  Located on the back, near the thigh, these small, round pieces of dark meat are often considered to be a delicacy
 Carcase  After the removal of the flesh, this is used for soup stock
 Chicken Eggs  
 Heart and Gizzard  
 Liver  This is the largest organ of the chicken and is used in such dishes as "Pâté" and chopped liver
 Schmaltz  This is produced by rendering the fat and is used in various dishes
 NOTE:  Chicken generally includes low fat in the meat itself. The fat is highly concentrated on the skin
 Source:  wikipedia.org