Welcome to Boucherie Macelleria Bari Inc.

We are wholesale Food Service Distributers providing service to Hotels, Restaurants, Day Care facilities, Hospitals, Reception Halls, Catering companies, Golf Courses etc… We also serve customers in a walk in retail location situated at 2609, rue Fleury Est., in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Our on-site facility offers a spectrum of specialty cut meats, as well as individual requests of any cut of meat imaginable. We offer veal, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and a variety of other products. Pick up your favourite “charcuterie” Cold Cut products such as Prosciutto, Capicollo, Ham, Mortadella, Salami, Smoked Turkey Breast, Soppressata, Pancetta and many more…

Or stop by for your favourite specialty Italian ingredients for that perfect meal, items such as Cheese from Auricchio to Parmigiano Reggiano, Olive Oil, Pasta, Tomatoes, Olives, to compliment any dish.

We tempt you to stop in for lunch, come order your favourite cold cut sandwich or grab a drink or an espresso. Come watch our experts create our famous “Barese” sausages which are a great delicacy for any occasion.

Let us offer you personalized service starting with your desired meat cut fresh, as well as all your grocery needs to create that perfect meal to invigorate your palate.

Please Note:
We are not limited to traditional types of meat; we also can provide you with countless varieties based on your personal preference. Because we value customer satisfaction we take special orders based on your needs. We will cut and prepare your meat(s) separately and into smaller portions depending on client specifications.
We the “Butchers of Bari” are committed to providing triple “A” service and the highest quality of meat products. We will continue to provide you with innovative and efficient ways of preparing and cutting meat tailored to your needs. We thank our valued customers who have supported and continue to support our business. It is our continued long standing clientele, our high value for customer satisfaction and our reputation for quality which has enabled our business to flourish.

We have survived for over fifty years as a family run business, which has striven to give you the best experience that meat has to offer. We the “Butchers of Bari” guarantee the freshest cut meat as well as a knowledgeable staff and customer specified service which continues to enable us to delight consumers with our products.
Our trademark “Barese” Sausage, Hot or Mild Italian Sausage, Merguez Sausage, Lamb Sausage or we can create your own blend.

Let us guide you in creating your next great meal in order to delight your pallets of all ages and for all occasions.